Google Partner

Imagen360 is Google Partner for USA, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina

The Google Partner seal that you see above is a sample of our excellence. If you want to advertise on Google ADS in USA, your best option is to do it together.

Advantages of working with a Google Partner agency:

1 – A Google Partner is an expert

Being a partner shows that the agency has a high knowledge of Google advertising tools and elements.

A Google Partner company will help you better manage your campaigns. They have experience with Google Ads and have highly trained staff to work with this platform.

Depending on the objectives and the campaign you want to carry out, choosing a Google Partner agency gives you the assurance that the developments made on your site will be supervised by Google, and adjusted to its advertising standards.

2 – A Google Partner stays up to date

Google partners stay up-to-date with the latest information on PPC. The digital world is constantly evolving and changing. It is important to be aware of these changes to get the maximum benefit from each digital marketing plan.

When you work with a Google Partner agency like Grill, you are working with a company whose professionals take regular recertification exams which ensures that they are well informed about the latest changes.

3 – A Google Partner can help you quickly

When you are running a campaign in Google Ads, questions or problems may arise, your campaign may even stop.

The Google Partner agencies have direct communication with the Google team through which they can better resolve any inconvenience that may arise and prevent your budget from being wasted.

4 – A Google Partner provides excellent service

Google ensures that Google’s partner companies provide excellent service. To remain a partner, companies must uphold Google’s standards and continually provide excellent service to their customers. If you are going to invest in a marketing agency, choose the one that is committed to delivering the best experience for your company.

5 – A Google Partner have access to beta versions

Before launching a function, Google makes a test or beta version that only Partners have access to, so when they are launched they already know how to use it while the other agencies have to just start learning how they work.

6 – A Google Partner works directly with Google

A Google Partner agency has a direct line of communication with Google. Google provides these companies with their own team, so they always have someone to contact for advice on optimizing their account or relevant information. As issues or concerns arise, you can ensure that you have a direct line to resolve them.

To find out if the profile of the agency you chose meets your expectations, you can look for it in the partner information. You must consider your objectives: if you are looking for greater visibility, launching a product or service, improving your indicators or whatever you are looking for. You should also consider that the agency tracks your campaigns and presents metric reports.