What is a virtual tour?

The tours or virtual visits are an easy, fun and interactive way to see a space in all directions, through panoramic photographs, which allow you to observe the space photographed in 360ยบ. That means all around more up and down, as if you were in the place.

Virtual tours can become the most visited sections of any web page, due to their great visual appeal and high level of interactivity. The virtual visit should have the objective of notably increasing the user’s permanence on the page, and consequently, their attraction and interest in the photographed place. However, all this depends on many other factors, so it is not enough to be a ‘virtual visit’ to achieve the objective.

In a virtual visit, the user perceives the spherical space with a totally realistic and natural view, just as it is in reality from any computer, tablet or cell phone. This is the great attraction, that of inviting the navigator with the possibility of making a virtual visit to the place, with the feeling of being there.

They are a highly effective and attractive form of advertising for users. The use of this interactive technology can significantly increase the number of visits to a page.